Power and influence in controlling capital: Women aren’t yet managing enough of the world’s money, but we should be

Esplanade 156

Women manage less than 10% of the hundred trillion of global institutional assets under management. Meanwhile, research shows that women institutional money managers bring valuable perspective to investment decision-making. In addition, as we outlive our male partners and advance in the workplace, women are poised to gain control of trillions in personal wealth, yet studies show women continue to abdicate making decisions about their money. Why does it matter who manages the money? How do women and men differ when it comes to investing? What would a world look like in which women and men are calling the shots equally? Join Seema Hingorani, founder and CIO of SevenStep Capital and founder of Girls Who Invest; Janet Brown, CEO of FundX and a passionate advocate for socially responsible investing; Linda Klingman, Vice President and Head of Money Market Strategies at Charles Schwab Investment Management who oversees investments for prime, government and municipal money market funds; and Heather Pelant, Managing Director at Baker Street Advisors and Co-Founder of Project Worth, for a lively discussion about why women should run our fair share of the world’s money.

Introduced by Alexandra Roddy, President and Board Chair, PBWC

Seminar Session 2