Aarti Borkar

Vice President Security, IBM

Aarti Borkar leads IBM Security product management globally and is responsible for the vision, strategy and execution of IBM’s cybersecurity solutions that continue to transform and protect in the world of Cloud and AI . Her prior roles include leading IBM’s API Economy and cloud integration businesses, as well as being responsible for the Watson Talent which brings together behavioral science and artificial intelligence to help companies transform their workforce.

Ms. Borkar is an expert in building Ethical AI and Bias Mitigation tools and has been on the front lines of IBM Watson’s AI solutions, which today, have been deployed in thousands of engagements with clients in 20 industries and 80 countries. Ms. Borkar is a frequent commentator on issues of AI for good as well as potential bias.

Using AI for good and why women should care

Esplanade 157

AI is going to be part of what we do, whether we like it or not. It’s probably part of most of our lives today, even though we do not realize it. AI is in the advertising personalized to you, the recruiting platforms we use for job applications, the cybersecurity protecting your business and personal […]

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