Ama Daetz

Anchor, ABC7 News

Ama Daetz is weekday co-anchor of ABC7.  As a San Jose native, Daetz is thrilled to be back in the Bay Area! A Loyola Marymount University graduate, she has always had a passion for journalism and a strong desire to be a trusted source for local and world news.

Daetz began her career as a writer, producer and editor in Fresno where she anchored and reported in Amarillo, TX, Kalamazoo, MI and Detroit, MI. Most recently, Daetz was an Anchor for the FOX affiliate in Sacramento. Her work hasn’t been limited to local news. She has had the pleasure of acting in a primetime TV series and was even eaten by a monster in a sci-fi movie!

When not working, Daetz can be found playing outdoors or exploring new places, cheering on the Giants while enjoying some garlic fries and Ghirardelli ice cream, and loving animals and a good, long nap!

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