Jennifer Richey

Chief Strategy Officer , Gravity Jack, Inc.

Jennifer Richey is a southern California native, transplanted to the great Northwest. Along with being a technology futurist, entrepreneur,  augmented reality and machine learning evangelist , she is a mother of four, a sport bike rider, triathlete and skydiver.

Richey has been in the technology sector since college on her way to law school where she shifted gears to help kickoff a tech startup in 2004. Her first foray into technology was as the CFO of Tometa Software, a software company that was acquired in 2007. Thereafter,  Richey went on to assume the same role at PlayXpert, a gaming company, and in 2009, helped spearhead the formation of Gravity Jack, one of the first US augmented reality and AI companies.

My Sessions

Augmenting the world of today to leverage the power of tomorrow

Esplanade 155

Augmented and virtual reality aren’t just coming. They are already here! Imagine a world free of screens and monitors. Now, imagine a world with a built-in dial. Turn up that dial and you are fully immersed in a virtual reality. Get ready to get excited. It’s not yet here, but it is clearly coming. Prepare […]

Seminar Session 4