Kristyn X. Pritchett

Regional Director, Clinical Effectiveness, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco

A natural explorer at heart, Kristyn Pritchett, has dedicated her career to designing new and creative person-centric health care solutions that keep people healthy, happy and living their best life. Kristyn leads the Kaiser Permanente Clinical Effectiveness program for Northern California, which is comprised of a cutting-edge design team and exceptional Clinical & Operational leaders who drive performance improvement and innovation for KP’s top clinical quality priorities. Her primary focus is to inspire leaders to become systems thinkers, reimagining how KP Northern California designs sustainable patient-centric solutions that optimize quality and experience.

Kristyn received a Master’s degree in Public Health from UCLA. She has over 10 years of experience in clinical and business process redesign with large health systems. She is a mother of two amazing children, a wife to an equally incredible husband, all of whom remind her that every moment is an opportunity to be your best self.

Mindfulness: The path to peak performance

Esplanade 156

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