Ray Arata

Co-Founder of Gender Leadership Group & Betterman Conference



Co-Founder of Gender Leadership Group & Betterman Conference

Ray Arata is an inclusionary leadership coach, trainer and consultant. Ray’s personal mission involves going into the corporate world and supporting male executives to stand up and stand strong when it comes to including and advancing women in the spirit of gender partnership.  Ray encourages both men and women to lead and live from the “power of the heart” to support the win win of gender partnership. With over 10,000 hours of men’s personal leadership work under his belt, Ray brings a unique and much needed experiential point of view that supports organizations in meeting men where they are and guiding them on an inclusionary leadership journey where women, the organization, and men all win. In addition to his coaching and consulting practice, Ray is the author of the recently released book, Wake Up Man Up Step Up: Transforming Your Wake Up Call to Emotional Health and Happiness.


The Win-Win of Gender Partnership