Scholanda Dorrell

Author, Speaker and former WNBA Player

Scholanda Dorrell is a mother, Louisiana State University (LSU) alum, former professional athlete and esthetician turned Empowerment Coach.

Some of her athletic accomplishments include finishing her collegiate career 15th on LSU’s all-time scoring list, being drafted in the first round of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and going on to play seven years. She is a proven leader having served as team captain on both her college and WNBA teams.

While extremely proud of her athletic achievements, Dorrell’s most cherished accomplishments are her two beautiful children, Maya and Micah.

Despite her decorated resume, Dorrell had to overcome many trials along the way, including growing up in notoriously violent Dade County of Miami, FL, entering motherhood at a young age as a scholarship athlete, and surviving domestic violence.

She credits her ability to overcome anything standing in her way to applying the mindset she learned in sports to every life situation. She now teaches The Athlete Mindset to help women push past the limits placed on them, impact the people in their personal and professional lives and release the guilt of being an ambitious woman.

Think like an athlete to win like one

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How do sports stars maintain focus, deal with conflict on the field of play, keep their mind in the game, perform under pressure, come back from defeat and persist in the face of adversity? Former WNBA player Scholanda Dorrell will share the seven traits of the athlete’s mindset. In this empowering and inspiring session, you […]

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