Ty Heath

Global Lead, Market Development, Marketing Solutions Group, LinkedIn

Ty Heath is the Global Lead for Market Development for the Marketing Solutions group at LinkedIn and the former President of LinkedIn’s Black Inclusion Group (BIG).

Heath is passionate about connecting people to information needed to make intelligent decisions, delivering educational content to help marketers stay on top of the latest in digital marketing strategy with a bit of humor.

Heath teaches B2B marketing, inbound marketing strategy, account-based marketing, social selling, content marketing as well as leadership, diversity and inclusion. She also was the contributing author in the recently published book The Professional Black Woman and full author of Marketer’s of Tomorrow: A Step by Step Toolkit for Inbound Marketing.


Transforming your brand

Esplanade 156

Whether you are a new job seeker looking to expand your opportunities or a rising executive interested in catapulting into your next level role, creating a personal brand that stands out to the right audience is your key to success. What do your customers, associates, employees or peers say about you? Your answer to that […]

Seminar Session 4