#MeToo/#TimesUp: A Defining Moment in History for Women

Keynote Theatre, 3rd Floor

This special #MeToo/#TimesUp panel dialogue will focus on how the women’s movement will leverage newfound transparency into the widespread issue of workplace harassment to ensure professional settings are safe spaces, work cultures are respectful and inclusive, and access to opportunity is equal for all. Panel participants include Ashley Judd, who broke the silence on Harvey Weinstein’s pattern of harassment, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who has long worked to end harassment in the military, the legislature and everywhere in between, and Adama Iwu, who in October of 2017 published an open letter in the LA Times that was signed by over 140 women on the pervasive culture of sexual harassment, discrimination and assault in politics that resulted in the creation of the We Said Enough Foundation. In December of 2017, Time Magazine recognized both Ashley Judd and Adama Iwu among the Silence Breakers – voices that launched a movement, by featuring them both on the cover of their Person of the Year edition.

Morning Panel: #StandUp