Diane Heditsian

Founder and CEO, deClarity Life Science Communication

Diane is founder and CEO of deClarity, a 35-year global communications consultancy serving the life sciences. As an active volunteer research, patient and policy breast cancer advocate, she combines her experience as a four time breast cancer survivor, her interest in science, and her expertise in communications with her passion to improve healthcare, especially for those facing a health crisis.

She holds leadership roles in both local and national advocacy organizations and is a sought after speaker on health topics ranging from value in healthcare to disease prevention to improving clinical trials. For the past nine years Diane has served as a research advocate at the University of California, San Francisco, Breast Oncology Program helping researchers bring to the clinic, advances in breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention. At UCSF, she currently serves as a research advocate for the WISDOM Study to improve breast cancer screening; the I-SPY Trial to bring new medicines to women with high-risk breast cancer, more quickly; and a study investigating links between breast cancer and the microbiome.

For fourteen years she has served as a peer counselor, helping to support, educate and empower women across the country to advocate for their own healthcare. Diane is also a member of the National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship’s Cancer Policy and Advocacy Steering Committee, helping to guide the organization’s efforts to advance the survivor agenda.

My Sessions

Optimizing Your Role as Health Advocate and Chief Medical Officer

Room 2014

Women in the U.S. make 80% of their family’s health care decisions and 43% of working women without children make health care decisions for others. In this role as Advocate and Chief Medical Officer, navigating the healthcare system can be complex and overwhelming. Medical technology is rapidly improving while the healthcare system is lagging. We […]