Eleanor Turner

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Argent

Eleanor Turner co-founded Argent in 2015 where she currently serves as Chief Creative Officer, overseeing creative direction, design and development. When she was 8, she decided she was going to become a fashion designer and move to NYC someday. She went on to do that very thing—working in various roles for Tommy Hilfiger and in women’s design for Tory Burch and J.Crew. Born and raised in Lynchburg, VA, Eleanor attended Savannah College of Art and Design where she competed on the SCAD equestrian team and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion. By her senior year, she had been featured in several publications, local and national, as “one to watch,” and was awarded the YMA Geoffrey Beene Fashion Scholarship Award and the SCAD Outstanding Achievement Award in Fashion. In 2008, Eleanor moved to New York City and began her design career. After working in corporate fashion for 8 years, she was ready for a bigger challenge and shifted gears to tackle women’s work apparel and start-up life. She finds the entrepreneurial challenges energizing and is incredibly excited about making—and wearing—innovative, boundary-pushing workwear that changes the game for women.

My Sessions

Building Successful Partnerships to Move Your Business Forward

Room 2014

In this session, successful entrepreneurs, Sali Christeson, Eleanor Turner and Karen Young, will share their approaches to mastering partnerships, risk-taking and networking. They will discuss their experiences as intra- and entrepreneurs and provide strategies for forming lasting business relationships to grow your business. Moderator: Meena Harris