Karen Young

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Oui Shave

Karen Young is the founder and CEO of Oui Shave, where she currently oversees business and product development as well as design. Karen launched Oui Shave in 2015 as a modern answer to outdated marketing and razors aimed at women. Prior to Oui Shave, Karen spent 20 years working in sales and design for luxury consumer goods including Dolce & Gabanna and Estee Lauder. With a Psychology degree from Fordham University, she has a deep curiosity about the modern consumer journey and an obsession with creating the best beauty company and products women have ever experienced.

My Sessions

Building Successful Partnerships to Move Your Business Forward

Room 2014

In this session, successful entrepreneurs, Sali Christeson, Eleanor Turner and Karen Young, will share their approaches to mastering partnerships, risk-taking and networking. They will discuss their experiences as intra- and entrepreneurs and provide strategies for forming lasting business relationships to grow your business. Moderator: Meena Harris