Rachael Bozsik

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Brand Girls

As a next-generation thought-leader, Rachael Bozsik brings a powerful angle to the conversation on how the next generation moves, thinks and operates. Rachael is a recognized authority on recruiting, retaining and empowering millennial talent in the workplace. She has been requested as a speaker at 30+ Universities including but not limited to: NYU, Duke, Cornell, FIT, VT etc. Her work has been recognized, applauded and featured by: ForbesGlamour, Teen Vogue, Business Insider, Huffington Post (to name a few.)

While a junior in college, Rachael Bozsik (CEO + Founder of The Brand Girls) had an “a-ha” moment. The reason why her brilliant friends were settling and unsatisfied in their careers was not that they lacked a skill-set but rather they severely lacked the professional confidence, an understanding of the corporate culture and how to collaborate within a multigenerational environment.

Since its founding, Rachael has connected with thousands of millennials helping them develop success and significance in corporate roles such as Tesla, GE, Sales Force, Wells Fargo, LinkedIn, Verizon and Discovery Channel (to name a few.) Rachael presents a systematic 1,2,3 approach to attract millennial talent, retain/develop millennial leaders and bridge the intergenerational communication divide.

My Sessions

Be Supportive, Get Supported: Inspire and Understand Millenials to Drive Your Bottom Line Growth

Room 2020

Millennials are putting your business in a frustrating and costly situation. This generation is tricky and very (very) expensive. Skyrocketing turnovers are costing the U.S. economy $30.5 billion annually. This group speaks, communicates and holds vastly different work ideals than all other generations.  Corporations need to be informed and take strategic action now. Rachael Bozsik […]